New visitor and returning visitor are the visitor analyzing metrics in google analytics tool . These metrics are used about learn website traffic quality and content quality .

New Visitor

New visitor is the first time visitor of website . When a user comes to your website first time ,it is called New Visitor . New visitors represents SEO of website . If new visitors increased , it indicated that website seo and website quality is good .

New vs returning visitor
New vs returning visitor

Returning Visitor

When visitors comes second time to your website it is know as Returning visitor . Returning visitors are very valuable to increase traffic quality . With this google analytics metric ,user analytics that which type web quality is ?

If returning visitors count is low and not improved , it means website content quality or website design is not user friendly .

How to Check New Visitor and Returning visitor

To check new visitor and returning metrics go to google analytics dashboard and then go to Audience . After that click on Behavior tab . In Behavior tab click on New vs Returning visitor .