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Comparing Online v/s Offline PDF to JPG Converter


Basic diffrence between online vs offline pdf to jpg converter

When it comes to PDF to JPG conversion there are basically two options available for you. These are online versions and offline converters. In order to decide which among the two can be the best option, it is essential to have idea about the features and advantages of both.

At times, the task of converting a PDF file to JPG image can be difficult. With new software and technology, you can take care of such problem with ease. In fact it is very simple to convert PDF into JPG with the use of special file conversion software.

Benefits of Online Converter

Works on all formats

The online converter runs in the browser. This means that it will work on all systems. It won’t matter if you use Windows, Mac or Linux.  This is one of the benefit that you can get from online over an offline PDF to JPG converter.

Example online converter http://convertonlinefree.com/PDFToJPGEN.aspx

Converting into cloud

The extraction procedure of your images from PDF will take place in the cloud. Hence it would not drain any processing power from your computer. But all of this will require a stable and fast Internet connection or else you will just wait for the pdf to upload and images to download.

Downloadable Converter

PDF to JPG Converter

You can download the software from this link: http://pdf-to-jpg-convert.en.softonic.com

Offline converter software
Offline converter software

Secured than online conversions

With online converters your PDF and JPG files may or may not be deleted from the server after the conversion is done.  But the downloadable PDF to JPG Converter does not upload your personal files to any server and hence protect document security.

Some of the features and advantages of offline PDF to JPG Converter are mentioned at


Do not have to worry about Security

You do not have to worry about the security when you are using an offline converter. The main reason is that the PDF files will not be on the web, rather it will be on your desktop for conversion. You can delete is whenever you want.

No need of internet connection every time

With offline converters you will just need internet connection for downloading the converting software. Once you have done this you can convert PDF into JPG files without internet use. With this you do not have to worry about the conversion being affected to slow internet supply or on internet. This means that even if there is no internet then too you will be able to convert the PDF file into JPG.

No need to worry about data usage

Do you have limited data usage? Well in that case offline PDF to JPG converters can be a best option for you. You will just require data usage for downloading the software after that your internet data usage will not be used. Hence this can help you in saving money.

No restrictions on the number of conversion in one day

Majority of the online converters have limitation on the amount of conversions you can do in one day. There are some of the online converters that will charge you some fees for doing extra conversions beyond the limit set. However this is not the case with the offline converters. You can do as many conversions you want in a day. This means that you download the setup file once and then you are good to go anytime you want to convert your pdfs.

In case you want assistance with the setup and operation, Soft Solutions also has a Youtube video that you can use to learn about how to install and use the software. It is pretty self explanatory and can help you ensure that your PDF to JPG conversion can happen hassle free and without the continued need for an Internet connection. Once you have downloaded the software you can start your work at the soonest.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng9EcXxedfw