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OutLook Error -Emails Not Sending But Receiving Correctly “Your message did not ……..intended recipients”


Outlook Error 503 Unable To Send Emails

In this Outlook error user can receiving email correctly but unable to send emails . This problem is only with outgoing emails not working properly .Emails not sending and the error message comes “ Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. The following recipient(s) cannot be reached ” . It is a 503 server side error . To solve this problem we have to reconfigure the email outgoing server . In the next few lines you will learn solution for outlook email sending problem .




This error comes due to wrong configuration of your outgoing server .But incoming mail server is working well. So to solve it follow these steps and reconfigure the outgoing mail server.


  • Open outlook and go to “File“.
  • Then go to “Account Settings ” . In Outlook 2010 Account settings located in Info tab .
  • Go to account settings window . Then select the email id which you want to re configure .Then double click on it to open .


  • In change account window Click on “More settings” .It opens “Internet Email settings” . Open “Outgoing Server” tab to reconfigure it .Check the box “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication ” . Select “Log on using ” .Fill username and password . You have to use your cpanel login username and password here . Check “Remember Password” . Click ok button to save .


In “Internet and Settings” page click on Next button . Wait for “test account settings ” . Then close the window . It may solve the issue .If still emails not sending then you can try another method .Disable your anti virus program and then follow the upper steps again .Sometimes outgoing emails not working due to antivirus programs .