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Photoshop Error-“There Was An Error Opening Your Printer …. ” ( Solved )


There wan an error Opening Your Printers . Printing Functions will not be able Until you have selected a printer ……. ” In this error printer functions are not available . When Adobe Photoshop user try to print the document the error comes .In this error printer not opening for printing , even print button disabled in this error .This Adobe photoshop printing problem due to the following reasons .


  • Printer turned on after opening the adobe photoshop application
  • Default Printer not set
  • Image File may be corrupt
  • Adobe Photoshop Application file corrupt
Solution - There was an error in your printers
Solution – There was an error in your printers

So to solve it follow some steps.

Note : Try these solutions in right manner such as solution #1 at first.

Solution #1

Open other image or document . And try to print it using Ctr + P  command or by click on File<Print . This method is only helpful if the document is corrupt . So if the print option is working in new document ,it means your document or image is corrupt . You have not need to do anything . Just change the document . But If still the error message comes then try the solution #2 .

ReferenceHow to open a corrupt image in abode Photoshop or what to do when you are unable to open a image in Photoshop .

Solution #2

Set default Printer in your computer . Go to control panel and then go to Devices and printers . Set any of your printer as default printer . Restart your Photoshop application . If still the problem does not solved then try the solution #3 .

Solution #3

Save all documents . Close the Photoshop Application . Then Power off the printer . Remove the USB cable of printer After that turn the printer on . Connect the USB with pc . Turn on the adobe Photoshop .

Solution #4

Uninstall the printer driver and reinstall it . Some times printer driver create the issue photoshop printing problem ” There wan an error Opening Your Printer …. ”

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Solution #5

Go to start menu . Then go to accessories folder . Restore your computer at earlier state .If the problem is due to any windows update installation the it will be solved .See the reference- how to restore windows  .Else go to solution #4 .

Solution #6

If all of above solutions not help you than your abode Photoshop application is corrupt .So you have to  Uninstall the application and reinstall it. Click here to Watch the video how to uninstall a program in windows . If you are unable to uninstall corrupt photoshop application then click on the link .