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Definition Of Term Plugin And Its Working


What is a Plugin

A Plugin is complete program (set of functions and codes) to do specific work in the software or website with just after installation  . Main feature of plugin ,it is a complete program to do specific or multiple functions without changing core files .

Plugins are complete computer applications or programs that can easy to use and increase other programs features, with just plug in in your computer program.

plugin - definition
plugin – definition


It is combination of Plug + In . Working of plugin is very simple . As in electronic device when you plug in the device on socket and on the switch device is ready to use functions .

As same in plugin is installed and activated , your software capability is enhanced . And when you deactivate or uninstall it ,new features are stopped without deep changes in files .


In most of software such as adobe Photoshop and WordPress , you can’t change core files due to not permission or complex core files . In that condition you can add new feature in your software by using plugins .

Basic advantage of plugins are that you can easily activate and deactivate it to add or remove the specific function .In dose not impact on core files of software .

When you disable the plugin , your software works as earlier state .

Plugin Examples

To understand this two examples are given .

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. WordPress Plugin

Adobe Photoshop Example

In adobe Photoshop suppose you want to create sharpen effect for an image . To do this you need to use filters and other techniques . This take 20 to 30 minutes to sharpen one image .

But if you download and install a plugin for sharpen image ( Plugins source ) in Adobe Photoshop then you can sharpen image with just one click .

This feature function is added in you adobe photoshop without changing core adobe files . You can uninstall plugin any time from photoshop.

WordPress Example

WordPress is a free web development script . You can enhance capability and features of wordpress by installing plugins .

Read this how to download and install plugin in wordpress 

Suppose you want to add social login feature in your WordPress website , then you install plugin (Plugin Source) for social login and activate it .

After activate the user can login to your website via social website’s such as Facebook and google . When you deactivate this plugin , social login feature is disabled without changing any core files .