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Premium Adsense Publisher Requirments and Benefits


Premium Adsense publisher,minimum requirements and benefits

What is premium adsense publisher account ?

Premium adsense publisher account is a advance stage of high traffic adsense using webistes.Adsense is a google product for website publishers for websites monetization. Monetization means make money from websites or blogs.Google provided two types of adsense account .Adsense account and premium account. Premium account is different from normal account.

Premium adsense Publisher benefits

Most of adsense user not know about premium adsence publisher account. premium account has many benefits than normal adsense account.Some of the benefits are as follows.

Publisher can Customize Ads

Premium adsense  publisher can customize ads according the site flow or his convenience.

Publisher can Remove “Ads By Google” tag from ads

premium adsense publisher Remove "Ads By Google" tag from ads
premium adsense publisher Remove “Ads By Google” tag from ads

Generally ads by google logo is display is all adsene ads.Premium publisher can remove the ads by google logo from the ads.With this way ad is looks like a part of the website.If normal adsense account holder try to remove this logo, then account is disabled by adsense.

Pemium publisher place more than three ads

According to adsense guidelines publisher can use only maximum three ad units per page.The other side premium publisher can place more than three ad units per page .even four ,five or six ad units per page. http://www.w3schools.com/jquerymobile/default.asp  is an example of premium publisher with place more than tree ads on one page

Personal adsene publisher account manager is provided

He has no need to use adsense forum for any type of help about ads or account.A personal account manager provided by google to the premium adsense publisher.The manager assist the publisher for account security,and any other type for adsense help.

Place ads on pages with no content (like page 404)

Place ads on pages with no content
Place ads on pages with no content

He can place ads on all that page which has no content.Can place ads on page 404,about us page,contact us etc.SlashGear.com is a premium adsense account holder place ads on even page error 404 .Example http://www.slashgear.com/404

He can place Ads in his adult sites also

With General adsense account user can’t place ads on his adult or gambling sites.But a premium account holder place ads on adult/gambling sites also.

Negotiate the percentage share from the earning.

Premium account holder can negotiate with google for the margin share of ads percentage.For general adsense account google decide amount for ads which gives to publisher.Premium publisher can force to google to increase the ads margin.

Eligibility for premium adsense publisher account

Not Accurate information is regarding premium Adsense publisher is provided by ad sense for minimum requirements.But some of the reputed blogger say’s minimum 20 million page views per month and some of says minimum 10 million page views.About search queries all the bloggers tell  about 5 million search queries per month.

Conclusion:  according to me in fact Premium adsense publisher account application is not in publisher hands.Apply Adsense account.Only an approved adsense account holder is invited to be a Premium adsense publisher.Publisher is invited by the google itself when minimum requirement reaches according to google.And it is fact to fulfill the minimum requirements require huge traffic on website may be 10 to 20 million page views per month.So Don’t think about it, keep working and focus on content and make it seo and user friendly .