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Prestashop Tutorial – Add New Category In your store


To create a new category in prestashop login to admin dashboard . After login click on catalog tab and click on categories .


Add New Category

In the categories page click on Add New Category button on top right .

Click on add new category
Click on add new category

Fill the fields

Add name for category
Add name for category

In the name field fill the category name. Name field is mandatory .

If you want to enable this category then click on display button to yes .

Choose a parent category for your new category . Suppose you have a category “Toys” and and you created new category with name soft toys . Now you can choose “Toys” category as  parent category for this category .

In the description field write description for your category .

To add image for your category click on “Add File ” and upload image from your desktop .

In Meta title field add the meta title for your category . You can leave this field but adding meta title improve your website’s SEO . Add the meta tile is recommended .

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Meta Keywords field is used to add keywords for your category . But according to new policy of Google, google search not use meta keywords to get results . So you can leave this field .

Friendly Url : this is auto generated url .

Select the group name of user , which can access this category . Suppose if you select only customer . then this category is only seen to visitor who purchase something from this website .

Click on save button to save all changes to take effect .