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Prestashop -Edit Or Add Bulk Products With Import And Export


Edit or Add Bulk Products In Prestashop

There is an other method in prestashop to add or edit bulk products .To add or edit bulk products learn about import and export commands .

Prestashop a famous free script to create a free online eCommerce website . When you create a eCommerce website using prestashop and add your products on website . To add or edit products of store ,you go to your prestashop dashboard and add products or edit products one by one . This is very time consuming process .

Export All Products On Desktop

Go to dashboard ,then go to catalog tab and then click on products . Click on export button to export all products to desktop .Then save this file on your local computer . This is a CSV file or Comma Separated Values file  . Read more about CSV files .

Import & Export Button
Import & Export Button

Edit Bulk Products or Add Bulk Products

Now you need a csv file editor to edit it . CSV files are purely text files so you can edit it with even notepad ,which is pre-installed in windows . But if the text data amount is large then notepad is not recommended .

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In that case you can use microsoft excel software to edit csv file and add or edit products . Read this “edit csv file with microsoft excel ” .

Edit or add products and save it again as csv as you read in the upper linked article .

Import Products CSV File

Import CSV File
Import CSV File

Click on import button to import edited file from desktop . Click on upload button to select file from desktop .

Select Parameters

Select editing perameters
Select editing perameters

If your csv file encoding is UTF-8 then leave the encoding button to no ,otherwise choose yes .

Choose right field separator for your file . By default field is (;) .learn about field separator  .

Choose the multiple value separator for your csv file . Suppose if two images of one product is separated with comma ( , ) then you will select comma ( ,) in value separator .

If you want to delete all old products and add only new products then select Delete all products before Import  to yes .

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Leave use product reference as Key and Skip thumbnail generation to No

If you want to change ID numbers of your products then enable Force all Id Numbers to yes

Click on Next Step button .

Match Fields

Match data types
Match data types

Now the final step is match the fields data with field name . Suppose in the first column IDs are displayed ,then select ID from the first drop down menu . Do this for all columns .Then click Import.csv data to import all new products or new changes .

All of bulk products are imported to your store .

If you need more help then see the following video