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CSV File Definition – What is a CSV Or Comma Separated Values


What is a CSV file

A CSV file means comma separated values file . Comma separated values file allows data to be saved in a table structured format . It is looks like a spreadsheet saved with .csv extension . Comma separated values, containing pure text content which can be used by other applications .


It is used to import and export text data from applications . CSV file are very light weight file format to hold and transfer text data between two applications .

In these type of files , data is stored as text format and this data is separated by commas or semicolons .

To create this file, no specific software is required . You can easily create a it using any text editor such as note pad .

File extension must be .csv







These are the syntax of these files . In the upper example values are separated by commas or semicolon or bar sign . All three types are valid format.

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How To Create It

To create a sample .csv file , copy the following code in notepad or any text editor .

Code is

"1";"Pillow Cum Teddy";"Utility Plush";
"2";"teddy Bear";"Home";

To save this file as csv click on save as , change file type to All Types , In file name field write test.csv and save it . Now your sample csv file is created .

CSV File
CSV File

Best Application to Edit

When text collection is large in a file then it is difficult to edit it using a simple text editor such as notepad . In this case Microsoft Excel or CSVed are the apps to edit these files .