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Prestashop Localization To Set Local Currency ,Units ,States And City


What is Prestashop Localization

Prestashop is a free and powerful software to make a ecommerce website . This is the reason prestashop used widely in the world .To use prestashop with different countries and different states user have to require change the settings according to local units . Such as if the developer want to create website to use in America then he/she has require “Dollar” ( $ ) as currency and pound as weight unit .But when same website is used in “India” then currency is “Rupee” and weight unit is “Kilograms” .This is called prestashop localization .

To set local settings in prestashop ,go to dashboard . In left menu click on Localization and then click on localization .To import a localization pack ,select the country from drop down list in front of “Localization pack you want to import” .

Example: You want to import localization pack of “India” ,then select INDIA from drop down list .

Select the data which you want to import from “Content to import“. Example: you want to download states lists of India only then select states by check box . To download complete data such as curriency , units etc ,select all of check boxes rest of “Change the behavior of the taxes displayed to the groups” .

Select “Yes” on “” . Click “Import” button to download .


  • In Default language ,set store’s default language .
  • Set browser language to default to “Yes” .
  • Choose the default country “India” from drop down list .
  • Set default county from browser language to “Yes” .
  • Select default currency to “Indian Rupee” .
  • Set time zone to your local time zone . For India it is “Asia/Calcutta“. Click here to find your time zone .

Local Units

In local units ,write weight ,dimension ,volume and distance units . These are mandatory fields . Only lower case alphabets allowed . In most cases all local units are loaded automatically . But if the country is disabled or not installed in countries then local settings are not loaded .