Step by step tutorial to add Google analytics tracking code

With this article you will learn how to add tracking ID or Code in your prestashop website . There are basically two ways to add It on your website .

  1. First method is add tracking Id using a module .
  2. Add track code without any module .

In this article you will learn add it using a prestashop module . To add it follow these steps.

Go to Modules And Services

Login to your prestashop dashboard . In the left menu click on tab”Modules and services” . In modules page you will see modules list .

list of modules
list of modules

Then Go to analytics and stats

IN the left side module list find and click on “analytic and stats” tab . This with open all modules related analytic . If you they are installed or uninstalled .

Install Module

Install module for add tracking code
Install module for add tracking code

Locate the module “Google Analytics ” . It is a official and free module provided by prestashop . If it is not installed ,click “Install” button to install it . After install this module you need to configure it .

Get Analytics Code

If you don’t have a Analytics account then click on “Create new account” button . And create your account first to get code .

If you already have an analytics account then get the tracking code .

Add Tracking ID

Configure google analytics module
Configure google analytics module

After get ID , go back to prestashop dashboard to configure installed module . In the “settings” field “

Enable User id Tracking by check the check box . Press save button to save changes . Know google analytic code in added to your prestashop website .

You can check that the code is working of not using real time tracking .

Note: You have administrative permissions before installing a module in prestashop .

If you still need help then see the following video .