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Prestashop -Add Google Analytics Tracking Code Or ID In Website


Step by step tutorial to add Google analytics tracking code

With this article you will learn how to add tracking ID or Code in your prestashop website . There are basically two ways to add It on your website .

  1. First method is add tracking Id using a module .
  2. Add track code without any module .

In this article you will learn add it using a prestashop module . To add it follow these steps.

Go to Modules And Services

Login to your prestashop dashboard . In the left menu click on tab”Modules and services” . In modules page you will see modules list .

list of modules
list of modules

Then Go to analytics and stats

IN the left side module list find and click on “analytic and stats” tab . This with open all modules related analytic . If you they are installed or uninstalled .

Install Module

Install module for add tracking code
Install module for add tracking code

Locate the module “Google Analytics ” . It is a official and free module provided by prestashop . If it is not installed ,click “Install” button to install it . After install this module you need to configure it .

Get Analytics Code

If you don’t have a Analytics account then click on “Create new account” button . And create your account first to get code .

If you already have an analytics account then get the tracking code .

Add Tracking ID

Configure google analytics module
Configure google analytics module

After get ID , go back to prestashop dashboard to configure installed module . In the “settings” field “

Enable User id Tracking by check the check box . Press save button to save changes . Know google analytic code in added to your prestashop website .

You can check that the code is working of not using real time tracking .

Note: You have administrative permissions before installing a module in prestashop .

If you still need help then see the following video .