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Problem -Internet Speed Is Very Low Only On Laptop But Good on Other Deivces


Internet speed is very Slow only on laptop

Internet speed is very low only on laptop but on other devices the speed is good . It is the comman issue with the laptops .In this condition internet speed is very good on all devices but when you try to use it with laptop ,internet sucks .


Possible reasons of the problem

  1. Wi-fi driver version is not supported to windows
  2. Due to multiple antivirus programs .
  3. A new windows update is installed
  4. Motherboard firmware is not supported with latest wi-fi driver

All of the above are the possible issues for very slow internet speed on laptop . We can solve this issue easily by using the following steps.

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1. Wi-Fi driver version not supported or corrupt

Wi-Fi driver compatibility is also create the problem slow speed internet in laptop . So first of all to solve the issue uninstall the wi-fi driver and re-install it . In most of cases the problem is solved with this step .

Uninstall Wi-Fi Driver From Device Manager

 How to uninstall and reinstall wi-fi driver

To uninstall wi-fi driver go to device manager >network adapters  then locate the wi-fi drivers . Right click on it and uninstall it . To reinstall it you have required the drivers CD/DVD which comes with the laptop or download the driver from the manufactures website before uninstalling it .

If problem is still not solved then follow the second step

2. Due to multiple antivirus programs

Normally Laptops are much delicate than a pc .By mistake if more than one antivirus programs installed on laptop on same time then it may also slow down internet speed of laptop . So keep only one and uninstall the other antivirus programs .

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3. Problem Due to new windows update

Sometimes Windows new update is not compatible to the laptop hardware. It is also a known reason of internet speed is very slow .laptop manufactures provide support for specific windows versions for specific laptop . For example Accer E1-570 provide support for windows 10 upgrade but some other accer laptops models does not support windows 10 .

In that case if you update your laptop with unsupported update version than it may also clash with wi-fi driver and cause slow speed internet in laptop .Then Solution for slow speed internet is uninstall the windows latest update or use system restore .

4. Mother board firmware is not compatible

laptop internet speed is very slow if Mother board firmware is not compatible with the latest wi-fi drivers. To solve the issue you have to upgrade the firmware of your laptop motherboard . This solution is very critical. Try this only if you are familiar with motherboard firmware . Otherwise you laptop may damage permanently

If still laptop internet speed is very slow than go to the service center to check the wi-fi hardware of laptop .For more leave the comment below or ask the question .