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Problem – USB Files Hidden Even Data Existed In Drive


USB files are hidden due to many reasons . In this problem USB have data but when you try to open it then the usb files are not opening.In this situation USB files hidden .This problem is due to two reasons .First reason is files property set to hidden and the second is due to malicious software , virus or malware in USB drive . To solve this problem and unhide usb files we have two solutions .

Solution-USB-Files-Are-not opening- Unhide usb hidden files- Tectrick

Solution 1 change property to unhide

To unhide the USB hidden files, plug USB drive to port . Then press alt tab on keyboard to display the menu bar . In top menu bar and click on “view” tab. Check the “Hidden files” to unhide the files . If still files are not showing on screen then go the the next step .

Solution 2 Use Attribute Command

This method is helpful even the usb files hidden due to malware or virus. In this method go to start or press windows button on keyboard . Then open Command prompt . To open it type cmd.exe in search box .

In the command prompt black screen select your USB drive . To select usb go back and check the drive name of your usb drive . For example when i pluged in my usb then the usb drive is “D:” . So i will select the drive “D” in command prompt . To select it just type the drive initial (D:) and then hit enter .

Then type the attribute command to unhide usb files . The command is as follows

attrib -s -h -r /s /d

Press enter button and that’s all . Go back and open usb drive again . All hidden files are now visible .If still usb files are not opening then may be the drive is corrupt .