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Forgot my transaction Password (PNB)

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Chandan asked 3 years ago

It is my first time that i’m using ”NEFT”. When i was adding benefeciary, there was an option for transaction password. I forgot its password but i attempted. it was showing ‘please use forget password option to reset your password”. 
But where is ”forget password option ”for transaction. where can i find it?
There is an option for Enabled transaction password, change transaction password but ‘forget password’ is not there.

2 Answers
Manu Mahajan Staff answered 3 years ago

Go to retail login page . After that fill the user id and click ok. In Next page click on Forgot password option . After that fill the user id . Then you will get an OTP on your registered mobile . Fill the OTP in the field .
Next step.
Enter dedit card details , Account number and Debit card pin . 
In new window you can set both passwords . Transaction password and login password 

Manu Mahajan Staff answered 3 years ago
Click here to watch the video  to reset the pnb net banking transaction password .