What is Raw Data

Raw data is known as source data .It can’t be used as processed data but it is used to process the data. In raw data contain lot of information .This information is extracted and process for further use.

In computer science and computer applications raw data is used for transfer information to one source to other source .

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Term Raw Data Means

The Term “Raw data” is combination of two words Raw + Data .

According to oxford dictionary word Raw means “material or substance in its natural state” .

The Term data means  “ The quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer, which may be stored and transmitted in the form of electrical signals and recorded on magnetic, optical, or mechanical recording media.

unprocessed Raw data example - Tectrick


See the upper image .You can see , there are huge number of dates (16 nov etc) shown in the image. This data file contain lot of dates ,but these dates are not easily readable yet .

When this data is processed by the compatible application such as microsoft excel . After processing of data , it looks like as following image .

After processing raw data in excel - Tectrick.org

So i think you will understand that The raw data has the potential to become “information”. It requires only the extraction of the data and become processed data.

Example 2

The other example is a point-of-sale terminal (POS terminal) in a supermarket . It collect huge volumes of raw data.But that data doesn’t yield much information until it is processed.After processing the data ,the particular items sales and price can be find.

As a result of processing, raw data ends up in a database.This raw data processing enables the data to become accessible for further processing .

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