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Reduce WordPress Loading Time Using PageSpeed Insights


Tips-How to Reduce WordPress Loading Time Using PageSpeed Insights

A fast loading website is key of success of website.According to google’s research ,website take more than five seconds for loading are not mostly successful.WordPress is a most popular free script to create website and web blogs.Third party plugins,free themes and plugin javascripts can increase loading time and reduce performance of wordpress webpage.In this article i write how to reduce wordpress loading time using PageSpeed Insights tool.PageSpeed Insights is a free testing tool to test loading time and delay causes of a website.With using this tool developer learn main causes of page loading delay.

Go for pagespeed insights test

Go to https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/  .In the text field fill website url witch you want to test loading time errors and delay causes.Click Analyze button.

PageSpeed Insights Tool
PageSpeed Insights Tool

Find errors and Recomended Fixes

After click on the analyze button two tabs are showing .One in mobile ,second tab is Desktop.In this tab all recommendations and errors about mobile loading time are showing.And the second tab desktop showing all errors about desktop loading of website.Minimum 84 numbers out of 100 is suggested for good loading time of wordpress.

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Find and fix error to reduce wordpress loading time
Find and fix error to reduce wordpress loading time

To fix errors ,choose error from the list which you want to fix.Click on Show how to fix tab to find error solution.For example in the following image “http://pagead2.google…………………….embed.js ” is a javascript file in wordpress that is need to compress or minify.By minify this file you can reduce wordpress loading time .This file is slow down the loading on wordpress website.As same you can find render-blocking javascripts and css and un optimized images.

 Download Optimized Resources Files 

Now Go to passage rules section to get optimized version of css, javascript and images.Download optimized image, JavaScript, and CSS resources .Save it on desktop.Unzip the file.This file include the folders with name css, js , images.

Download Optimized resources files
Download Optimized resources files

Replace your theme file with these files.Buy loading these file your wordpress loading time faster than two times before.For more details to how to replace these file with theme file read my post.