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Referral, Organic And Direct Search-SEO Guide


What is Referral, Organic And Direct Search in search engine optimization

Referral, Organic And Direct search are the terms to used in search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the technique to increase visibility of web content.These type of searches have different impact on seo.Read the definitions of Referral, Organic And Direct search with examples.

Referral Search

Word referral is made from reference.A website’s content is recommended by other websites or applications known as referral content.It is also known as referral search content.

Understand this with an example.Facebook and google recommend “www.example.com website”. In this case www.example.com has two referral searches.Because this is recommended by two website’s to its’s users.

Organic Search

All the websites submit there data to search engines like google(submit site to google), yahoo, bing etc.Search engine store these data on there servers. When user type any words and click enter to search, search engine returns its results. Searcn Engine find most closely match the user’s search and return the most relevant data. This type of search is known and organic search or natural search.Paid search is also type of organic search.

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Example: A Website www.example.com sell bikes, cars and other vehicles. In the page content, title tags and meta discription has contains word bikes. User type word “high mileage motor bikes” in search box and click enter.Search engine find more relevant data containing websites and display results including www.example.com.

Direct Search

When visitor comes on specific website by typing it’s complete url.It is called Direct search.’Direct‘ can also refer to When the visitors clicked on the url links from their bookmarks, favorites on links within emails it is also called direct search.

Example: User want to search www.example.com. For this he type www.example.com in the browser directly and click enter.This type of search is direct search