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Solution:Error Completely Uninstall Kaspersky From Pc


Remove Kaspersky Products from PC

kaspersky not uninstalled from pc, It is a common problem with kaspersky products such as antivirus or internet security products .In this error user try to uninstall kaspersky products using control panel . When Kaspersky Lab products deleted via Start  Control Panel → Add\Remove Programs (Add/Remove Programs).  As a result the application may not uninstall correctly . Some of registries of the application may remain in the system.To solve this you have to remove the installed Kaspersky Lab product, using the kavremover tool.

Kavremover tool is an application provided by kaspersky lab. Click on the following link and download kavremvr.zip and follow the steps .

First of all find your product name and version which you want to uninstall.  If you want to delete multiple produces then you have to delete them one by one .

Install Kaspersky Products Cleaner tool
Install Kaspersky Products Cleaner tool
  1. Click on the link to download the archive  kavremvr.zip  and extract the files from it . You can also download the executable file: kavremvr.exe.
  2. Right click on kavremvr.exe and run as administrator .
  3. Click on licence agreement to accept it .
  4. In the KasperskyLab Products Remover window, enter the code from the picture. If you cannot read the code from the picture, click the button next to the picture to generate a new code.

    Select Proper Product To Remove Or uninstall
    Select Proper Product To Remove Or uninstall
  5. In the Following products were detected section, select the product you want to uninstall. Click Remove. You can select the product from the list of supported products:
    • Select the product you would like to remove from the list and remove it. If you want to install more than one product, remove them one by one.
    • The removal process may take a few minutes. Wait until the notification on successful removal appears and click OK. Reboot your pc to finalize uninstall .
  6. By default, a log file with the name kavremvr xxxx-xx-xx xx-xx-xx (pid xxxx).log will be saved in the folder where the tool is located. You can also find the full version number of the tool in the log file: