Step by step guide to remove red eye in image in epson L800 series printer

In epson L800 printer user can remove and reduce red eyes problem in image during printing without using photo editing software such as adobe photoshop.



Select Printer

To solve it you have to need to change some settings of printer . Go to start then “Devices and Printers” . Expand  Printer and Faxes tab .Select Epson L800 series printer .

Go to Advanced Tab

Select Printing preferences and then advance tab to remove red eye
Select Printing preferences and then advance tab


Right click on “Epson L800 Series ” Printer . Select “Printing preferences” . In printer properties window click on “Advanced” tab.

Fix Red Eye Problem

Go down in print options area . Select the check box “Fix Red Eye” and then click ok to save changes . Now after done these change ,when you print the red eyed image , red eyes problem is automatically solved . If it may not be solvable then reduced .