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Find Deleted Urls And Remove Url From Google


How to find 404 errors on website and remove url from google

Which type of urls are need to remove from google

crawl errors
crawl errors

It is very important to remove url from google which are deleted from website. When web developer submit website to google. Google index all of submitted page and image. After indexing when user or developer delete any web page from website.

These deleted page are still exist and crawled by google. And google display 404 error on these pages. These 404 errors has big role to down your website ranking.

So it is very important to remove these  deleted webpage ,delete from google cache.To remove url from google index follow these steps.

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Find 404 errors From Webmaster
Find 404 errors From Webmaster

Find 404 Errors and deleted urls

First thing is find deleted web pages. These pages display 404 error. To find deleted pages. Go to google webmaster search console dashboard and click on “crawl” tab.

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Click on crawl errors . On the Url errors page click on Not Found tab. All of  not found urls by google placed on this tab.

Remove Url From Google
Remove Url From Google

Remove Url from Google Index

Go to your webmaster tools account . Go to dashboard of your website. Click on google index tab go to remove urls link. Click on create a new removal request.

Fill the url which you want to delete from google index. For example: Your website name is www.example.com . You have a web page test.html on example.com.

And you want to delete test.html from google index. then fill test.html in create a removal field and click continue button. Your test.html removal request is submitted to google.

See the video for more help