Home computer Replace CMOS Battery In MotherBoard

Replace CMOS Battery In MotherBoard


Replace CMOS Battery In MotherBoard

Replace CMOS

Locate your CMOS battery

  • Completely unplug  your CPU .Open it with screw driver and locate CMOS battery in mother board as shown above CMOS is a round coin shape battery.
  • Some CMOS batteries may be held down by a metal clip or bar. This clip just holds the battery in place and the battery can still be removed by sliding it under the clip. Do not bend this clip to get the battery out.


  • Take exact type and model of your CMOS battery From computer hardware store it is not costly If your computer is using a coin cell battery removing the battery is relatively simple. Use your fingers to grab on the edge of the battery and pull it up and out of the container holding it. Some motherboards have a clip holding the battery down. If your computer has this clip you may need to use one hand to move the clip up and the other hand to pull the battery out. remove the old battery and replace it with a new battery.

  • Once the battery is replaced turn on the computer and resetting the CMOS values to the defaults. After the values have all been entered make sure to save the settings before exiting. Many CMOS setups allow you to press a key (such as F10) to save values and exit all in one action.

Caution: When inside your computer make sure you are aware of ESD and its potential dangers.



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