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Restart All Windows Services Without Restart Pc


Restart all windows services without restarting computer

When you install or uninstall a windows application ,many times windows restart is required . In many cases new installed application is not working properly without restart pc . There is a trick to re-start all win services without restart computer .

Windows Task manager
Windows Task manager

Go to task manager

To do this Press Alt + Ctrl + Del button at same time from pc . This will open services window . Click on start Task Manager .  Windows task manager is open . In the window click on Processes tab .

Stop Explorer.exe

Locate explorer.exe service in the processes window . Select it and click on end process to stop this service . This will stop explorer.exe service . All icons and task-bars or windows are disappeared . All of  windows services are closed .

Restart explorer.exe
Restart explorer.exe

Restart Explorer.exe

Know re-start explorer.exe . To restart it click on File and then New task run in task manager . Write explorer.exe in create task field . Click ok button to start it . All of closed services are started again .

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Know try to use you new installed application it will working fine without re-start windows . This solution is used for a another function of windows . If your windows stuck or stop responding ,then stop and restart explorer.exe is help you to work it better .  Click here to see the video help .

Note :  If after restarting explorer.exe  your pc or application are not working properly then restarting your computer . Most of antivirus programs are requires the system restart .