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SEO Tips -Rid Off Or Modify The Low Performing Content Of Website Will Definitively Improve SEO


Low Performing Pages And SEO

Why to remove or delete low performing content from website and how it will improve seo of your website . It is a obvious question that stuck in your mind after reading the title of the post . But it is really truth .A bad or low performing content ,harm your website quality and ranking .

This is why all of seo experts included moz.com favors to remove the low performing content or low performing pages from website of .With this way you can increase your website quality and ranking .

Now the question is how a bad performing page impact of seo . If you have some SEO knowledge then you will know about Bounce Rate , Page Impressions , Page Views and drop off rate .Low Performing pages directly impact on these metrics .


To understand this with an example . You have a 5 pages website . Four pages bounce rate is 30% , 35% , 42% and 50% . Which can be consider good bounce rate  . The average bounce rate of these four pages are 39.25% . Fifth page of website bounce rate is 95% . Which is very high bounce rate . It will impact on average bounce rate and increase it upto 50% . As same if the fifth page view time is also low then it impact on overall average page view .

Overall website metrics in google analytics

It means the fifth page the website is bad impacting on bounce rate and page view . In that case to improve the overall bounce rate and page views of your website you have two options . One is delete the low performing webpage from your website and the second option in modify the page content and stuffed it with valuable content . So the visitor spend more time on it .

Find low or bad performing content

To identify the bad performing content you can use google analytics tool . Login to google analytics . In the left menu click on Behavior tab . Then site content > content drilldown .

Find Low Performing Pages in Website

In the upper image you can see the highlighted page . This page have more page views than others but very high bounce rate and page view time is very low . You have to focus on these type of pages of your website . Remove them or modify the content and make is more valuable and useful for readers .

Notice that when you delete a webpage you have to create 410 header for the content to tell the search engine that the content is permanently deleted from website .Read this how to delete content permanently from website and google.