Home computer Scan a High Resolution Image without lossing quality With scanner

Scan a High Resolution Image without lossing quality With scanner


Change scanner custom settings to increase quality

This is a normal problem for the persons who use scanners to scan the images and documents . When they scan images or document they might be lose the image quality . But don’t worry about that . Most of scanners have some custom settings to improve the scanning quality .By Use these settings you can scan your images and document without losing quality . Follow these steps .


By default most of scanners scan images or documents with 72 px resolution . You have to change the resolution to high which is above 300 px .

Go to printers and scanners

To change the scanner settings follow the steps.In windows 10 ,go to windows icon in left of the screen and go to settings > devices > printer and scanners >related settings > devices and printers. In win 7 and win 8 go to the start menu and then go to control panel > hardware and sound > devices and printers  .

Devices and printer settings to change scaning profile
Devices and printer settings

In this window click on printers and scanners tab . Select the scanner icon and right click on it. In the context menu select scanning profile.

Change scanning profile

Change scanning profiles
Change scanning profiles

Select the profile . Suppose you want to change image settings then select the image profile . In new window change the resolution to above 300 px . In the following video ,I set the scanning resolution to 1200 px .

Note: After Increasing resolution, scanning of image and document take more time . 

After change the settings you will notice that scanning quality is very clear than ever .