What is screen resolution and what is its impact on display ?

Screen Resolution is technical measurement of height and width of device’s screen which is use by device to display images. For understand it as, the image on computer and any other device screen is built with thousands of pixels.A Pixel is small logical or physical square area of screen.The screen creates the image by combination of these colored squares.This square (pixel) is the basic unit of color.

Screen Resolution And Resolution Impact On Display
Screen Resolution And Resolution Impact On Display

Example 1 : see the above image.Assume the image is the device screen.Device  resolution is 1028 x 768 .Now see the text of the screen ( 1 ). This text is display as small squares. These logical squares are called pixels.

Example 2: A laptop has resolution 1024 x 768. It means display width for laptop 1024 pixel and height is 768 pixel.See the image above. Suppose you have two  laptops with different resolution .

  • First laptop has resolution 1028 x 768.And its screen is 15 inch.It means, its screen use 1028 pixels ( squares) horizontally and 768 pixels (squares ) vertically to display the image.
  • second laptop has resolution 1920 x 1028.Its screen width also 15 inch.It means ,its screen use 1920 pixels (squares) horizontally and 1028 pixels vertically to display the image.

What is the Impact of resolution of device on display

More pixel in same size means more clear details shown of image.So understand that when a device use more pixels to use same image it means, the device show you more details of image.High resolution display means more clear and detailed images ,videos and graphics.