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What Is a Search Engine – How It Works


Search Engine

Search engine is a website or may be a software which used to search some information . Search engines is an automated software which make to follow specific type of links or information .

Search engines use specials type of algorithms which is used to crawl (refine) the informaiton or links or urls . These algorithms are called robots or crawler , spider  .

When user submits a query to a search engine it refine the information according your keyword and get the results for your . This information is displayed according the relevant keyword and rank them according its usage .


Google search engine
Google search engine
  • World’s top website www.google.com is also a search engine . when you type some keyword in google search box and hit enter , Google crawler crawl the relevant information and display on web page .
Windows Search
Windows Search
  • Windows search bar is also an example of search engine . Just difference it that this is an offline search engine . When you type something in windows search bar and hit enter it crawl all relevant file in search results window

How Search Engine Works

Search engine programs have two of more parts .

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Provide Relevant Results


In crawling when user try to search some keyword on search engine it collects all the information and links  .


After crawling ,it indexed the crawled information . Indexing means serialize or manage the information . Search display the results only from indexed information .

Suppose a website www.example.com is not indexed in google search then ,google search didn’t show any results from example.com .

Read the article how to index website to google .

Provide Relevant results

In this section search engine get the more relevant information from the indexed information and display results . Suppose you type word “Printer” in search engine and hit enter . Then it get all the information related “printer” and display it .

But if you type word “printer ink” in the search box and hit enter then it get the more relevant information of keyword “printer ink” and display results of printer ink