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Share android internet with other wi-fi devices Using HotSpot


Using Hotspot ,Convert your android phone into wi-fi modem and share android internet

Android hotspot is the one of the greatest feature provided by android to share internet using Wi Fi .

In this article learn how to convert your android phone in wi-fi modem and share android phone internet pack with other wi-fi enabled devices like pc,laptop or.Android phones are also known as smartphones.

This name is give them to android phone usability is many ways.One of the feature of an android phone is that,You Can also use a smartphone as a modem.Now a days ,internet is not only used in desktops or laptops,but internet surfing with smartphones is much increased .

2G,3G,4G and 5G internet data pack types are available for smartphones.You can use one smartphone data pack for internet surfing on desktop,laptop,android phone devices at same time.In this article learn how to share android phone internet data pack on other wi-fi enabled devices with easy steps.

Android Phone settings
Android Phone settings

Four Steps to share internet pack with other wi-fi enabled devices with hotspot

Switch on wi-fi connectivity of device:  First step is switch on wi-fi connectivity of pc,laptop or other device in which you want to use internet.

Enble Tethering and wi-fi hotspot of android phone: Go to your android phone.unlock it.Click on phone settings tab.Under the settings tab go to wireless and networks section.Click on Tethering and portable hotspot tab.Turn on portable wi-fi hotspot.

 Wi-Fi HotSpot Turn On Portable Wi-Fi Hot Spot
Wi-Fi HotSpot Share android phone internet pack

You can share internet data pack with other devices via two ways.One is Share data via Usb cable.Second is share data via Bluetooth.

  • For share data with usb cable,you have required a usb data for your smartphone.Connect your phone with pc or laptop via usb cable.After usb cable conection USB tethering option is activated on your android phone.Enable the USB tethering.
  • If you don’t have usb cable than you can also share data through Bluetooth tethering.Enable Bluetooth tethering.Know your smartphone converted in wi-fi hotspot.Your can share your android phone data pack with any other wi-fi enabled device.This wi-fi hotspot in password protected.

Choose one of the method from these two methods.

Tap on portable wi-fi hotspot to get password.Click on Configure tab. Under the password text box you can change or leave it anyway.Any one can surf internet on wi-fi enabled device ,pc or laptop.Type this password to connect with wi-fi hotspot.

Note: Wi-fi hotspot is automatically disabled during making or receiving voice call.

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