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Software Bug- Definition Of Term In Computer Programming


What Is Software Bug

A software bug is an coding error of software or program .This is responsible for flaw, failure, or fault of wrong result of software . A software bug cause unexpected behavior of program or computer .

A Software is a set of instructions to do some calculations . It is also known as computer algorithm . These set of instructions are written in computer language by software developer (computer programmer ) .

software bug defination
software bug defination

Impact on Program

But during code writing (set of instructions) some coding mistakes are being done unintentionally . These mistake can change the behavior of program , done wrong calculations or get wrong results to the program users . All of these coding mistakes are known as Software Bug .

A bug may be extremely serious issue of a computer programming.

Example of Impact On program

In 1980 some coding bugs were responsible for death of some radiation therapy patients . There was bugs in Therac-25 machine . Which is used for radiation therapy .Due to programming error in controlling ,it sometimes gave its patients radiation doses that were thousands of times greater than normal, resulting in death or serious injury.

How to remove bugs from program

To find it in computer program is not so easy every time as just find and remove it . Developer can manualy find and remove a bug from coding by test and run each code . But is a not best way for large size coding programs .

Best way to find and remove it from coding use debugger program . Debugger is used to debugging  .