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What is Software Project Management


What is Software Project Management

Software project management is the application of knowledge,skills,tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirement of the particular software project.It is actually managing the resources needed to ensure that a project is finished on time and within budget and to the satisfaction of the end user.Software project management decided is several parts

Software Project Planning

What is Software Project Management
What is Software Project Management

A manager must decide what resources are required to achieve the objectives how and when the resources are to be acquired how the goals are to be achieved

Software Project Organisation

It is necessary at the level of a software as the five person team of software engineering of way up to a large corporation composed of several independent divisions.

Software Project Staffing

It deals with hiring solar for the position that are identified by the organisational structure.


Software project directing involves leading subordinates the goal of direction is to guide the subordinated to understand and identity with the organisational structure and the goals of the enterprises.


It consist of measuring and correcting activities to ensure that goals are achieved.

Goals of Software project management

Economic software production

To develop software with in budget that is the software is at an economically justifiable cost with in the planned resources.Cost estimation can be defined as the approximate judgement of the costs for a project. Cost estimation will never be an exact science because there are too many variables involved in the calculation for a cost estimate, such as human, technical, environmental and political.

Timely Software Production 

Timely Software production is the major part of Software project management.Because late delivery is like no delivery in any business. so timely software production control the software ,is produced on schedule.

Quality Software Production

To develop software according to the requirement of the user that is ensure that a software product that meets to quality specification of requirement definition.Software quality reflects how well it complies with , conforms to a given design, based on user requirements and specifications. That can also be described , how it compares to competitors in the marketplace as a worthwhile