Home computer Solution -Buzzing Noise in Speakers Of Computer (Noise in Speaker)

Solution -Buzzing Noise in Speakers Of Computer (Noise in Speaker)


Solution for noise in speaker(buzzing sound speakers)

Buzzing noise or static noise in computer speakers is not a problem of speakers . Some of solutions and tips you can try for this . It makes disturbing sound all time .

  1. This type of noises is due to extra charge (static) . So ,may be speaker wires insulation is broken and uninsulated wire is touched with cpu cabinate or any other conductor material . Tape properly the broken and uninsulated cables .Open cables may also make disturbing sounds .
  2. Keep away speaker and headphone cables from any other cables specially power cables . It may also make noises in you speaker .
  3. One more reason is , main electric power is off and computer is running on inverter battery power . Because most of inverters are provide square wave power . So when main power comes back ,speakers buzzing sound is automatically gone . So wait for while main power comes back .
  4. Try all of these solutions with your hardware and is problem not solved then it may be problem is your speakers .