Solution- Error To Open Image ,Problem Parsing The Jpeg Data


Error : Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the jpeg data

jpeg file opening error
jpeg file opening error

When you try to open an image file the error comes , Error -Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the jpeg data .This error is comes sometimes when you try to open jpg or jpeg file format in adobe photoshop or any other imaging software . When you are unable to open image file in adobe photoshop , it means image file is corrupt due to uncomplete download of image raw data or any other reason .

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In this error image thumbnail is showing properly ,image is opening in windows image viewer , but error comes when it try to opened by photoshop .

To solve this problem and open image in adobe Photoshop , you have required to import image raw data . Follow the steps to open the image in photoshop .

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open image with paint
open image with paint


  1. Go to you start menu and open “paint” or
  2. Right click on image and click on open with > paint as shown in above image .
  3. If the problem with only raw data or file extension then image file opened correctly in Paint application. Other image is corrupt and this method is not working. So if the image opened go to step 4 .
  4. Now you have to save this image file again to get the raw data . Click on file menu and save image as new image.jpeg . Save this image on desktop .
  5. Go to desktop and open new image.jpeg image with adobe photoshop . You Problem is solved .
Save image as jpeg
Save image as jpeg

Note: This trick is work only when your image is opened in windows image viewer but not opened in adobe photoshop or any other image editing software .

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