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Solution – Unable To Login WordPress Admin dashboard


Solution of error in login to wordpress admin dashboard

unable to login wordpress admin dashboard this may be browser error or wordpress cache error . With this error user is not able to access wordpress dashboard . Due to this error user can’t access admin panel ,even with right username and password .

Error Causes

This error has may be two reasons . First reason is not responding or recently installed plugin . Second reason is wordpress admin dashboard not logged properly last time .

I try to help you to solve this problem . Use the following techniques to solve this error.

Solution 1 – Logout WordPress Properly

Go to your admin root folder of wordpress via web browser . Admin root folder is where wordpress is installed and logout properly your wordpress admin .

Example 1: your domain name is http://www.example.com and you are unable to login to admin panel of example.com . And wordpress is installed on example.com/(wordpress installation). The Type http://www.example.com/wp-login.php?loggedout=true in your web browser .

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Example 2 :  your domain name is http://www.example.com and you are unable to login to admin panel of example.com . And wordpress is installed on example.com/test/(wordpress installation). The Type http://www.example.com/test/wp-login.php?loggedout=true in your web browser .

With this way you are logout properly . Clear cookies of your web browser . Close web browser and try to re-login to wordpress dashboard . Hope this will solve your problem .

Note : make sure local firewall is not causing problem login with http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-login.php

Solution 2 – Disable not responding plugin

Disable plugins from cPanel
Disable plugins from cPanel

If first solution is not work for you then this error may be due to any plugin you have recently installed . To find this error is due to the plugin or not ,disable all plugins .

Know you think how to disable plugins without accessing wordpress admin . The solution is disable all plugins with rename the plugins folder in wordpress root folder.

Rename the plugins folder to plugins.onhold . After rename the folder , all plugins are disabled . After rename try to login again . If know you are able to login to wordress admin panel . It means your last installed plugin cause error .

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Know login to cPanel and go to wordpress installation root folder . Go to wp-content> plugins folder . Open the plugins folder . Delete last installed plugin name folder under the plugins folder.

Clear your web browser and try to login again . This will definitely working . After done rename the plugins.onhold to plugins again . know all plugins and  For video help to disable all plugins in wordpress without via cPanel click here.