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Solution-Unable To Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS5 ,CS4 ,CS3


Error – Unable To Remove or uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS3 , CS4 , CS5 Other Adobe Applications

Unable to remove or uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS5 , CS4 ,CS3 . It is a big problem sometimes while you try to uninstall an adobe application such as adobe photoshop , Dreamweaver , Acrobat reader  . Most of all to uninstall the Adobe applications users go to control panel >programs >install & uninstall programs and try to uninstall the application . But nothing happens . It is very frustrating condition and it creates due to registry error of application .Because registry of specific software is not cleaned completely so you are unable to install it .

One method is remove software registry from windows registry ,using regedit ,but it very complex and critical method .A small mistake can unstable your windows . So you can use an easy method to uninstall application using following steps .

Follow the steps to solve this problem .


To solve the registry error and uninstall CS5 you have required Adobe Photoshop CS5 clean tool .Using this tool ,registry of abobe photoshop is also removed and as  result photoshop will uninstalled completely . So download cs installer database utility . To download it click on the link . Click here to download it and install it .

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Run clean tool

After install clean tool ,run it . To run it double click on CS5InstallerDatabaseUtility.exe .

Select Language

Select language in the screen . In you want to select english then type “e” from keyboard .And hit enter .

Accept terms
Accept terms

Accept terms

To accept terms and conditions ,type “y” from keyboard and kit enter .

Select adobe software
Select adobe software

Select Software Version

Before go ahead Select the right Adobe software version which you want to uninstall .Because if you select different version than installed version than cleaning may be not completed .

Suppose You have installed Adobe photoshop cs5 ,then to uninstall CS5 type “2” from keyboard and hit enter button . Because CS5 is on number 2 in the list as shown in the upper image .

Remove multiple adobe products

If you want to remove all of adobe applications from your computer then Tyep “3” hit enter Otherwise select the product by entering the product number in the list .

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Select Product type

Select software type
Select software type

If you want to remove only specific adobe application then Select product by typing serial number .Such as if you want to remove Adobe Dreamweaver cs6 then you have to type “2” due to 2 is the serial number of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 as shown in the above image .

After select the product , Type “Y” from keyboard to Confirm the uninstall the application . Wait for while cleaning is finished .

This will completely uninstalled your stuck Adobe Application program and the error is solved .