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What is Spamdexing-Tips to Avoid It


What is Spamdexing,how it impact on website’s SEO

What is spamdexing in SEO ?

The term spamdexing is used is seo (search engine optimization).This word is comination of two words spam + indexing . When any website try to index web pages on search engines with non genuine way the it is called spamdexing. Google and other search engines can penalized these type of website and de-index all of its content.Spamdexing is also known as search spam, search engine spam or web spam.When a website  involves a number of methods, such as repeating unrelated phrases  to manipulate the relevancy to promote there webpage for forcefully indexed by a search engine.

spamdexing keyword-stuffing
spamdexing keyword-stuffing

How to Avoid spamdexing and prevent panelty

To Avoid spamdexing take care of some simple following tips.

  • Don’t  use more than one <h1> heading tags in one page.Even HTML 5 support more than one h1 tag, but it can nagative impact on your seo. Because search engine read h1 tag after title tag to learn about the content.So more than one h1 tag in one page create negative impact on ranking.
  • keyword’s stuffing dynamically is also in spamdexing category. When visitor use keyword for search and your website dynamically insert this keyword in the page content to increase keyword density on non relevant page or subject.In that case you can penalized by search engines.In the image above “White” is a keyword use many time to manipulate search engine results .This is also spamdexing For example your webpage is about listen music.when user try to search with keyword free softwares your website java script automatically insert free softwares keyword  in the page content dynamically.Even nothing is related on free softwares  on your web page.Read webmaster guidelines about keyword stuffing
  • To mark a trap on website for visitor in also a way of spamdexing.To decrease bounce rate of website some web developers make a trap.Trap term is used when web developer try to use techniques, forcefully stick visitor on the his web page.For example no back button working,open new page on try to close page etc.
  • Use more keywords even non relevant in meta keywords tag to manipulate search results of search engines

Conclusion : So many research’s proves that spamdexing is not the right way to increase ranking.Best tip is when you want to start a website don’t just only think about search engine.Just submit site to search engine and stay away from non genuine techniques. One wrong decision can destroy your good website’s ranking or it can be banned.If your content is useful,ralevent and unique it is automatically increase your rank and search engine visibility day by day.