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Step By Step Google Analytics “Real Time” Tab Tutorial


Step By Step Google Analytics “Real Time” Tab Tutorial

HI, This is complete tutorial about google analytics real time tab. “Real Time” tab is located in the google analytics dashboard’s left side fourth tab.This feature is very useful for track visitor real time activity on website.With use of this feature of google analytics real time, web developer can track where the visitor come from at real time.Means from witch geo location and from witch page of website visitor enter on your site.To know more click on Real Time tab.In this tab 6 options are displayed.


Step By Step Google Analytics "Real Time" Tab Tutorial
Step By Step Google Analytics “Real Time” Tab Tutorial

After click on real time tab ,click on the tab Overview . As shown with name this complete overview of real time visitors.Total  visitor count,keywords used by visitor,active webpage where the visitor is. social traffic if the visitor come from social traffic.


know click on tab Locations In the image “right now 1“. 1 is the real time count of visitors. It means if the Right now 5 , that means 5 visitors are on your website at real time.In the middle right side of the screen world map is shown. Highlight area of the map is geological location of real time visitors.For example: If the real time visitor of your website comes from country “India”.Then on world map location of India is highlighted.

Traffic Sources

Traffic sources represents to web site has an origin, or source. Sources include: “google” (name of a search engine), “facebook.com” (name of a referring site), “spring_newsletter” (name of one of your newsletters), and “direct” (users that typed URL directly into browser, or who had bookmarked your site).It means this tab show from which source visitor come from your site.direct ,by a search engine or by a reffral website.


In google analytics real time tab “content” represents from which the visitor come at real time.


This tab represents what is doing visitor this time on your website.Mean click on something or download someting at real time.


In Google Analytics, a conversion is the completion of activity on your web site that is important to the success of web site.example:

  • a completed sign up for your email newsletter (a Goal conversion)
  • a purchase (a transaction, sometimes called an Ecommerce conversion)

Goal conversions

Web developer must define Goals in Google Analytics to track Goal conversions. Goal conversions are the primary data for measuring how well web site fulfills visitors objectives. A Goal conversion occurs once a user completes a desired action on your site, like as a registration or download. You can see the conversion rates and number of completions for each Goal you set up. If you set a monetary value for each Goal, you’ll also see the value of your conversions.

Google Analytics Real Time is very useful to learn about visitors interests,tendencies and dislike.With use of this data web developer can modify the web site and gain more traffic on their website.

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