What is stop words in seo ? And Way to avoid stop words

Seo Stop Words Practices -Avoid Stop Words Tips
Seo Stop Words Practices -Avoid Stop Words Tips

Avoid stop words to increase search engine visibility of your website.Stop words are the words which are ignored by search engines.All search engines ignore stop words to provide write and filtered content to user.Search engines like Google never give much importance to stop words.

What type of words are seo stop words ?

Stop words are general common words and adjectives.When user try to search for something that search engien hide stop words from search efforts.Most common words like, to, on, what, seen,her, he are some examples of stop words. For example: User write to search ” universities and collages in India” and press enter.Search engien ignore “and” and “in” from the text string. Search engine search as ‘universities collages India” .This is the reason to not use stop words for best seo practice.

Avoid stop words form title tags. Page titles or title tag should should be short . It concise because search engines will not read any more than 65 – 70 characters including spaces. Search engines analyze the ratio of keywords to total words in a page title to determine keyword density. Stronger keyword density will increase search rankings.Don’t use stop words in title tags.

Example:  Title is “seo stop words-how to prevent stop words best tips”.This title looks good but search engine ignore “how to” and “best” words .It read it as “seo stop words prevent stop words tips”. So i choose this title

Avoid stop words in focus keyword strings.

As read in title tag section avoid use of stop words in keywords strings.Search engine also ignore stop words from keywords.

Example: Keyword for this page “tips to avoid stop words” is a good keyword. But search ingnor “to” word from keyword string and display result for “tips avoid stop words”.Click here to get complete stop words list.