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How To Add Subscribe Button On Youtube Video


Subscribe button on youtube video is increase your youtube channel subscribers . There are three ways to add subscribe button on youtube video . In this article learn how to add subscribe button using youtube annotations .

Two ways to add subscribe button

First way is add button using youtube video annotation tool after upload video. Second way is add subscriber button using any video editing software .

Using this method , add subscribe button on video before upload video to youtube .

Add button using video annotation tool

Video Manager
Video Manager

Login to your youtube channel . In the left taskbar go to My Channel . Click on video manager . Select the video in which you want to add subscriber button .

annotations in youtube
annotations in youtube

To select it click on down side arrow icon on right side of edit button . Know click on annotations . In the new page ,click on Add Annotation button . Click on Lable from drop down list .

Drag to place to the label on the screen . You can place button anywhere on the screen .

add subscriber button on video
add subscriber button on video

In the text field type “Subscribe” . Ckeck the check box in front of Link . A drop down list is in front of “Link” . Select subscribe from the drop down list .

In the next field write you youtube channel name . My youtube channel name is “tectrickOrg”  , so i write this .

Click on apply changes to save the changes . Know subscriber button is displayed on your video . you can change start time and end time on the button from the timing fields .

Video Help

Click the link for video help on add subscribe button on video using annotation tool .

Add button using third party software and annotations

Using third party video editing software to add button on video . According to me this is the best way to add button .

Because when you create the button only using annotations , this is visible properly only mouse over . But creating button with another software and add link using annotation in the button is properly visible .

So it gain more subscribers . For this you can use vedio editing software like cyberlink power director , adobe captivate , Camtasia studio etc .

In this way add the subscribe button on video by using the video editing softwares . And after that link the button area using youtube annotation .