What is Swine Flu ?

Swine flu is a respiratory disease.Swine flu is  caused by viruses.Its virus know as H1N1 virues or influenza viruses. swine flu virues infect the respiratory tract of pigs, resulting in nasal secretions, a barking cough, decreased appetite, and listless behavior.. Swine flu virus was first found in pigs in 1930 in the america.Its viruses transmits from one species to other. Unfortunately, this cross-species situation with influenza viruses has had the potential to change.

what is swine flu
what is swine flu

Causes of Swine Flu

Swine flu is transmittable disease.It transmitted from person to person by inhalation in infected area containing H1N1 virus. Swine influenza  is contagious. It spreads as the seasonal flu. When virus infected people have in cough or sneeze, He spray small drops of the cough contained H1N1 virus into air.A normal person inhale or take breath in this infected air ,he is also infected.

Swine flu Symptoms

Swine flu is a curable is early conditions. So take care about early symptoms of this type flu.

swine flu symptoms
swine flu symptoms
  • when you have cough don’t leave it any how.Just Go to your doctor.
  • High and low Fever,it can also symptom of swine influenza  .
  • Continuous sore throat can also a swine flu symptom .
  • Stuffy or runny nose can also a basic symptom of swine flu.
  • In swine influenza infection patient feel body aches.
  • miner of worst headache is may be an other symptom of H1N1 infection.
  • The patient feel chills.

Precautions from Swine Influenza

With taking some precautions you can avoid or reduce risk of swine flu.

  • Avoid crowds and public places .Public places and the most condemnt areas with swine influenza .
  • Wash hand regularly or use hand sanitizer. If you touched things that are used of touched by others ,then use your hand sanitizer.With using hand sanitizer swine flu infection risk is reduced.
  • Avoid  hand shaking or other hand to hand contacts when it is possible. Avoid  face to face contact or kissing.
  • When you are feeling sick ,then take care about it ,it may be starting of swine flu.Contact your doctor.

Swine Flu Treatment

Antipyretics and analgesics for fever and myalgias. Severe cases may require intravenous hydration and other supportive measures. Antiviral agents may also be considered for treatment or prophylaxis.If Flu symptoms persists more than four day the hospitalize the patient .According to WHO(world heath organization ) vaccination is the best way to prevent influenza viruses

Tamiflu is a medicine used for preventing influenza or treating influenza.Tamiflu contains oseltamivir phosphate.Tamiflu belongs to a class of neuraminidase inhibitors.