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What Is Darknet or Dark Net – Its Features And Specifications

Tor Web Browser to access Darknet

What Is Darknet A darknet or Dark Net is a network which is created in multiple layers . It is a favorite network of hackers and criminals . Dark Net is a famous network between criminals because of its anonymous identity features . Tracking of ip address of its users is so difficult . How To User Access It Darknet is accessible by...

What is a URL Definition or Uniform Resource Locator And Its Working

What is a Url or Uniform Source Locator

URL Definition URL is the short form of uniform Resource locator. URL is specific location of file on a computer network or internet. For example "http://tectrick.org/category/internet/" .  URL is like a specific location address of a specific file . A uniform resource locator has two parts Protocol identifier resource name The urls format are as following .  protocol id://resource name/File location Protocol Identifier in Url First Part of Url...