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A Microprocessor – Definition , Working And Types Of Microprocessors

Microprocessor Definition- working and typesvideo

What is Microprocessor A microprocessor is a control unit of a computer , a micro-computer or an any other device . Microprocessor is an integrated circuit that contains all the functions of a central processing unit of a computer . It is fabricated on a small chip .This small chip is built with silicon . Microprocessor is capable to perform...

Inside Dual Core,Quad core And Octa Core Processor

Look Inside Dual Core, Quad core And Octa Core Processors

Learn about Dual core,Quad core and octa core processors and differences What is a processor ? Dual Core,Quad core And Octa Core Processor is type of Processors.Term Processor is used for an microchip which process the data with logical circuits.For easily understand assume processor is brain of computer of and computer controlled device.The processor ,process the instructions send by user or...

CPU-Central Processing Unit Of Computer and Its Parts

what is cpu

What is CPU ? CPU of computer is also know as central processing unit .CPU is used for processing data,do calculations, retrieve stored data and many other complex functions in computer .CPU is the brain of any computer .It is an electronic part of a computer. It is the combination of many microprocessors .Microprocessors are the very small size electronic...