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Tips To Improve Alexa Traffic Rank


Tips To Improve Alexa Rank Rapidly

Alexa is a Amazon.com owned search engine. It appears to be a popularity based ranking of websites.Ranking is achieved by users loading a search tool. Alexa’s traffic estimates and ranks based on the searching behavior of people in global data panel.

Tips To Improve Alexa Traffic Rank
Tips To Improve Alexa Traffic Rank

Traffic Ranks are updated daily basics. A website’s ranking is based on a measure of Unique Visitors and Page views. In this article i try to write tips that i used in my own blog http://tectrick.org .I started this blog on July 2014.At the time of starting days my blog ranking is 8195755 . With using these techniques my ranking is jumped and increased 345369 in two months.

For  a new blog this is a huge growth.So i suggest to use these tips for increase ranking.These tips are .

  1. Use a light theme for create a website .A heavy theme take more time to load in web browser .With this reason visitor avoid these type of website.
  2. Use proper and well formatted title tag. Title tag is the basic Search Engine optimization .It will increase traffic on your website and improve alexa traffic rank.
  3. Use simple words and short lines.So visitor can easily understand your content mean.With this way visitor stay more time on your website.with increase page views ,increase your alexa traffic rank.
  4. Submit your site to google and other search engines.with this way google read your blog content and you can get more traffic to improve alexa traffic rank.
  5. submit your website to alexa.com and install alexa rank plugin on your web browser.This will also improve alexa traffic rank.