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Tips to Reduce Data Usage on your Android Device


It is awesome to own a Smartphone that enables you surfing, checking e-mails and streaming media.However if your data plan is narrow then you come across trouble of extreme data usage. Even after carefully using your data plan, you might end up with hiked bills.You surely do not want to burn holes in your pockets but still enjoy web activities over your Android tablet or Android Smartphone.For this, you just need to know some small tricks that will help you to reduce data usage limit.

Tricks to reduce data usage

Allow Apps updates Only On Wi-Fi to reduce data usage

Most of your apps use use data even if they are not using on a regular basis. Most of your data used in data during updates, running ads and while refreshing content. The best option then seems to be using Wi-Fi for updates; here is how this can be done:
Go to Google Play store->Menu-> Settings->Auto-Update apps; choose the option of Wi-Fi only.

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Apps Updates Set Only on wifi
Apps Updates Set Only on wi-fi for Reduce Data Usage

Disable auto update to reduce data usage

One more thing to remember is to disable the settings for auto-update when it comes to apps like Google+ or any app that you do not use often.
Google Maps
When you are travelling often, it is a habit to check Google Maps for directions. Now that the offline feature is available, you need not be online for mapping your direction. Download the map for offline usage and use it to your advantage without data connectivity.This is the another way to reduce data usage of your smartphone.

Block Background Data to reduce data usage

It is essential to find out the amount of data usage especially when you are using Ice Cream Sandwich and above versions in Android OS. Go to Settings->Data Usage, a list of apps is displayed. Tap on individual app to view data usage that will reveal foreground and background data usage.
Foreground is when the apps are used, and background when the app is not used but still functional on the background. If the background data usage is too much then it is time to kill it. Choose the option of Restrict background data.

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Use Offline feature in app Content

Use Watch Later Feature Of Youtube
Use Watch Later Feature Of Youtube

There are some apps like Spotify that allow you to save your playlists for offline. YouTube too allows preload subscriptions that are added to your ‘Watch Later’ section. This way you need not stream live content and it is available offline at your convenience.
Some apps even offer Wi-Fi download, check the settings of an app for this option. One more thing that you can look for is lower streaming quality while on data usage.Using offline feature of apps you can reduce data usage of your android smartphone.

Stop Useless Data Syncing Services to reduce data usage

Another thing that keeps refreshing or checking for downloading content is the syncing for updating accounts. This goes heavy on your data plan, still you can get past of it, here is how:

Disable auto Sync In Google Account
Disable auto Sync In Google Account To Reduce Data Usage

Auto-sync or default syncing is often enabled when you configure your phone. Default sync is all about syncing services including pictures, Google Apps and Play Store. You can make relevant adjustments to syncing options by going to Settings->Accounts->Google.

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A list of items will be generated, uncheck the boxes next to services that you would not like to sync (1) . Other accounts too can be managed in a similar way.
Even after applying the above given tips, you are still not able to gain control over your data usage then it is the time to call for technical help.