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Top 4 Advantages Of Developing An Android App For Your Business


Mobile apps are the core of any hand-held device in this technological era. It is a fuel that helps many enterprises run, help small businesses to conduct business, let you post your favourite picture so that it can be seen by the people you want. There are several mobile application platforms on which the applications are being developed such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc.Out of all the platforms, businesses are preferring Android platform for numerous reasons. The Android platform can enable businesses to infiltrate the market and can help them gain access to a huge userbase

Android Market Share

The current market share of Android is 87.7 % on a global level that makes it the platform that has the biggest user base on the planet. The Android application development is also cost-effective and faster compared to other platforms.

Advantages of Android App Development

Android App Development

There are several mobile enterprises that are adopting Android for their app development needs. In turn, Android is also helping their business grow and reel in tremendous profits. Being open-source, Android app development has many perks in regards to development and functionality. Apart from the business point of view, here are some of the advantages of Android app development.

More than one sales medium

Android platform is known for its flexible sales medium that can help the businesses grow independently. Apart from Google play store, any business can create its own distribution and sales channel. The business doesn’t have to depend on any particular medium to reach their end-users. Hence the deployment of the application has become easier. This is one of the many reasons businesses are choosing Android as their development platform.
Custom UX/UI design

The UI/UX design is one of many important aspects that can decide the success and failure of the application. The UX/UI design in the Android platform can easily be customizable and can be managed with ease. Google has focused mainly on making the UX/UI design of the application customizable for the developers. The customization of UX/UI design can allow the developer to introduce unique ideas and innovative functions that can make the application more interactive.

Open source

The Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is open source, therefore, it can be influenced without worrying about licensing and royalty costs. There are many developers who incorporate many development ideas that can be used by other developers in their app development. This benefits Android and gives many businesses a profitable approach to Android app development.This can also speed up the development process and makes the application easily accessible to the public in no time.

Android App Development SDK

Easy to Adapt

The development of an Android application is easy to adopt because of the scripting in Java programming language. This allows the developer to access many unique set of libraries. Sufficient knowledge in Java can also be helpful in developing the application. Many developers find it easy to develop any Android applications when compared to other programming languages. This easy adaptability can help developers to employ more interactive ideas for your application.

These are the major advantages that you have in developing an Android application for your business. There are many companies of Android app development in Melbourne(Australia), Bengaluru (India), and San Francisco (the USA) which are the most prominent Android development hub in the world that provides superior mobility solution to their clients. If you are looking to develop an Android app for your business you can approach such companies for your development needs.