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Top 5 Reasons Why Mac Is Better Than PCs


There is a loyal and dedicated user base for both Windows and Mac operating system. You can find various different functionalities and features on both to offer improved user experience. There are still various reasons which make Macs a preferred choice to Windows when it comes to compatibility and performance. Let’s discuss some of these reasons in this article which suggest Macs are better than PCs

Avoid Bloatware

When you buy brand new Windows machine, it not only come installed with useful operating system but it also come loaded with unnecessary bloatware programs. Microsoft prefers to sell its Windows machines with lot of unnecessary free version programs, unnecessary tools and much more. Further, it keeps you reminding about updating free version programs with annual subscriptions. It’s absolutely annoying and space-hogging.

Mac OS Avoid Bloatware
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On the other hand, Mac comes preloaded with all useful apps & programs. It offers many useful programs like keynote, FaceTime, Time Machine, iCal, Expose, Stickies, iPhotos, iMovies, iBooks, Mac cleaner & security utilities and much more. Apple offers almost all basic and useful apps built-in on Macs to users for improved performance.

You can use these programs to perform day-to-day tasks effortlessly. In fact, these apps help you improve your system performance. For other apps & software, you can download it from Mac App Store.

On Windows, it comes preloaded with lots of unnecessary bloatware programs.

Run Windows + Mac OS X: You can try multiple ways to run Windows program on your Mac. To do this, you can try virtual machine feature that allows you to install Windows or any other OS on a Mac system. Here, you can run Windows on one desktop alongside the OS X on another desktop.

Built in security features in mac OS
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Built-in Security Features

Apple offers numerous built-in security features to keep your Mac system protected from all malicious content. The best practice to keep your Mac safe is to keep updating to latest software. Additionally, Mac offers various built-in features to keep your Mac safe.

These features may include Gatekeeper to make downloading apps safer, FileVault to encrypt your data, privacy controls to protect your privacy, Sandboxing to block malicious code, Runtime protection to keep your Mac safe at a core, anti-phishing to protect you from fraudulent websites and much more.

Additionally, you can use strong passwords, turn Firewall on, lock your screen, use password assistant, and do much more to keep your Mac safe. These built-in features help you keep your Mac performance intact.

On Windows, it offers additional security programs to secure its own operating system.

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Apple’ Boot Camp feature to dual boot Windows alongside Mac. Here, you can run one operating system at a time. It means you need to reboot your system to switch between the two OS. This feature is similar to dual-boot Linux on Windows PC. Apart of it, you can use remote desktop software to run Windows on your Mac.

On Windows, you can’t run Mac OS X.

Neat and organized system settings

Apple offers very neat and absolutely organized config settings. Unlike Windows where you can tweak system settings at different places like service manager, control panel, network connections, registry programs, hardware manager etc., Mac helps you edit all config settings at one place under System Preferences (with a few exceptions).

It means you need not to sniff around whole Mac settings to make necessary system settings. This unique feature helps users make certain tweaks effortlessly. You can access control panel on Mac to make all necessary system changes to improve system performance. It is also useful to save time and reduce efforts.

On Windows system settings are dispersed everywhere.

Easier to troubleshoot 

Troubleshooting system issues on Mac is rather easier than Windows. While using Mac, you need not sniff around all settings and functions of your system to find exact cause of problem on your Mac. You can find three useful applications on Mac that helps you troubleshoot almost all system issues with your Mac.

These applications include Activity Monitor which is more advanced version of Windows Task Manager, Console which displays all system logs at one place and Disk Utility which is useful to identify disk integrity issues.

Easy To TroubleShoot Mac OS
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Visiting these three applications on Mac, you can easily figure out the cause of the problem instantly. It helps you fix all basic and major issues on your Mac at one place to save your time and efforts.

On Windows, you can find the similar apps but more scattered and difficult to find and understand for average user.

Conclusion: Mac has always been a preferred choice for users around the world. No matter, if you are Windows user and planning to switch to Mac or you are first time user, Mac offers tons of useful features built-in to make Mac experience delightful. It is easier to use and helps you perform different tasks seamlessly. It offers numerous useful apps & programs to make user experience improved. We highly recommend Macs over Windows for numerous useful features and functionalities.

Summary: Mac offers numerous useful software and features to make it a preferred choice over Windows operating system. Let’s discuss top 5 reasons why Macs are better than PCs.