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What is TOR Software – Its Uses , Working & Features


What is TOR

TOR is a software or web browser . It is a free software . It is used to communication between computers and surf internet . It enables anonymous communication.

Anonymous communication means prevent user identity ,location and IP address . It means , it is difficult to locate it’s user . This software prevent from identity theft and keep safe user computer from hacking .


TOR use multiple layers of proxy servers and ip addresses during communication or surfing . Using this software make difficult to track internet activity of your computer .

Tor Working
Tor Working

This image get from tor’s official website

It working’s is simple as well as complex. To understand it’s working see the following example.


Suppose onion ( vagitable ) is a multi layered proxy server . When you peal onion layer by layer ,nothing remain . Same principle applied in “TOR” software . When user use it for web surfing , it create multiple layered proxy servers .

Suppose user type world “google” in TOR web browser and hit enter . Http Request does not send to server directly . Request go to proxy server . This proxy server send request to other proxy server .

Request sending to proxy servers going on up-to hundreds or thousands of proxy servers . This is the reason it is difficult to monitor or track user internet activity or identity .

For example suppose when you go to any website and read post , no one track your this internet activity . In other web browsers such google chrome ,internet explorer ,Firefox etc , your web activity is track able .

Who can use It

It is a free of cost software . Any one download , install and use it from TorProject website . To run it on your pc ,user need to configure it . See the following video for installation and configuration help .


Tor is very good software to safe and hidden communication for many top secrete purposes such as security of country . Some international security agencies use it for communication .

It reduces risk of hacking of your computer identity . So it play a big role to secure your computer . Tor’s use is intended to protect the personal privacy of users, as well as their freedom and ability to conduct confidential communication by keeping their Internet activities from being monitored.


Because of secure and anonymous identity feature of user. It is a favorite software for criminal minded people . It is also used in many illegal activities . TOR is widely used to access darknet network .

Darknet network is used for access hidden websites which all involved in illegal activities such as drugs selling .

Note: As other technology gadgates “TOR” has also a creative and destructive use . It’s only depend on user . So use this software only creative purpose .