Track Traffic Stats of specific page

In google Analytics user can track traffic stats of specific web page using segments . It is a renowned traffic stats measuring software . In google analytics you can refine the page stats . Means you can check the traffics stats of specific page using it . To do it , You have to use “Segments” . Segments are the subset of refined data .

Steps to track stats

Add new Segment
Add new Segment

For example, in your website you have 100 user in month January and you want to learn that how much users use this website on 21 jan (Specific date). To get this data you have to use segments . With this way you can analyze the traffic stats of specific page also . Follow these steps to do it.

Add New Segment To Track traffics Stats
Add New Segment To Track traffics Stats


  1. Login to google analytics account . Click on property in which you want to track page stats .  Click on “Reporting” tab in top menu .
  2. Click on “Add Segment” tab to add new segment .
  3. Then click on red colored “New Segment ” button .
  4. In “segment name” write the segment name . You can choose any of name but it is recommended ,choose name related your content so it can be easily memorable and it indicate the specific page .
  5. Click on “Advance” tab and then go to “conditions” .
  6. In conditions section choose the filter name “Page Title” .Type the condition match and right the page name in the text box as shown in the example .After that click on “Save” button to save the changes .