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Solution – Unable To Delete Plugin In WordPress


Solution – Unable to delete plugin from wordpress dashboard

When this error come you are unable to delete or uninstall plugin from wordpress dashboard . This error is due to plugin is corrupt or any file of plugin is deleted by mistake .

To solve this error ,delete this plugin first via using cpanel or using any ftp client such as FileZilla .

Method 1

Login to Cpanel and go to file manager . Go to the WordPress installation root folder and then wp-content > plugins folder . If you don’t now installation root folder read the page how to find wordpress root folder .

Under the plugins folder , find the plugin name folder which is not working. Suppose plugin “bbpress” is not working and unable to delete . The find bbpress folder under plugins folder . Delete this folder . Now the problem is solved.

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Method 2

Download FileZilla  client and install it . Read this link how to do Download in install  filezilla  . After install it , open it and login you hosting account . To login ,use your cpanel login credentials for login .

In the remote site section go to public_html folder and then go to wp-content> plugins folder . After that follow the previous steps which are used in method 1 and delete the “bbpress” folder in plugins section .