Unable to login to windows and wrong password error even the password is right

In windows 10 their is a  common error unable to login to windows. When user try to login to windows by typing login password ,the error comes “password not match” even the user type the correct password .In that case user try to use “Forgotten password ” option to recover password . He/ she really think that the password typed by them is wrong . they did not think it may be any other issue with it .


Cause and solution

  1. Windows 10 supports to many languages . Main cause of this error due to wrong language selection in the password field . Suppose you set the password in English language , but by mistake language is change to other language . When you type the password from keyboard the characters will not typed in English . So the error comes “password not match” . To solve this error click on the right bottom side of the screen “Ease Access” . Change the language into English and try to login again . Know the problem is solved .
  2. It may be one other cause that is caps lock is on from keyboard . off the caps lock key from keyboard and type the password again .
  3. The third cause to unable to login in windows that is make changes in keyboard  keys from windows . If you change the keyboard numeric key behavior from the windows then you are unable to login to window by typing the numbers from numeric pad . Then you have to type the number keys from upper side of the keyboard .