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Unable to print In Photoshop using Ctrl+p Or Print Command

Print option is disabled for some images in adobe Photoshop. When user Press Ctrl+p or go to the File menu to print the image , the print and print setting option is disabled . This is due to change of image mode in photoshop to 32 bit channel . Print option is available only in 8 bit and 16 bit channel image mode.

Solution To Enable Print Option

To enable the print option you have to change the image mode . To do this follow these steps.

Change image mode to 8bit/Channel

Change Channel To 8Bit in adobe photoshop

In the adobe photoshop go to “image” menu . Then go to “Mode” tab , in the Right sub menu select the option “8bits/channel” . In the prompt  box select the option “Don’t Merge Layers” . That’s all ,now the 32 bit or 16bit image is changed to 8Bit channel  image  . Now print option is also enabled in the File Menu.

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