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How To Uninstall WordPress From XAMPP Localhost


Uninstall WordPress from localhost

WordPress is a favorite script of web bloggers and web designers . In Offline wordpress installation is best method for test codes or develop new website . But there is a confusion sometimes, when you want to uninstall wordpress from localhost .In this article you will learn the method to uninstall wordpress from xampp .

Uninstall wordpress from localhost is not same as you un install it from Cpanel . In Cpanel or softaculous user has a one click uninstallation button but in localhost you have no one click option to remove wordpress such as Softaculous .

So In this case you need a different method to remove it . To do this follow these steps .This method in only useful if wordpress is installed on localhost using XAMPP software . Otherwise if it is installed using wamp then different method should be used used .


  1. Go to start menu of windows and then go to my computer .
  2. Then go to drive C: and locate the xampp folder .
  3. Locate “apps” folder Under “xampp” folder and open it .
  4. Find the folder name “wordpress” in the apps folder and open this folder .
  5. In this folder find “uninstall.exe” file. Double click on it to execute it .This will uninstall wordpress from xampp localhost .